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Our Releases

Our second batch of releases will be available on June 7th 2024 in digital and physical form.


Jun 7, 2024

Wojtek Kiwer - Disconnect

Cut the umbilical cord of toxic mindlessness.


Jun 7, 2024

Janek Krukowski - Latent

An idiosyncratic soundscape, curated by Man and performed by Machine.


Feb 23, 2024

Giacomo Vanelli - Music for Nothing

A glimpse of an unsteady soul, jagged and distorted, being dissolved by a poisonous world.


Feb 23, 2024

Wound - Plasticene

The era of plastic. The ever flowing micro-pollutant, present everywhere. A silent witness to mankind's worst ideas.


Feb 23, 2024

Adam Howse - Submarine

“A journey through the surreal soundscapes of war-torn realities where discord and harmony collide, echoing the tumultuous past while envisioning a dissonant future.”

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