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Giacomo Vanelli - Music for Nothing

A glimpse of an unsteady soul, jagged and distorted, being dissolved by a poisonous world.

Giacomo Vanelli - Music for Nothing

'Music For Nothing' is a personal dimension. A fuzzy chaos open to interpretation, swirling around the listener, far removed from the classical compositions but sitting confidently among the greats in the ambient pantheon. Cryptic track names give way to soothing sonics, like an exorcism for those who feel lost and numb.
What began as an exercise in self-restriction and focus, a way to trigger creativity and imagination within limitations, through patient sculpting has expanded into something more. Giacomo Vanelli might have started on his trusty OP-1 Field but soon reached out to his favourite machines to complete the work. At points engaging a modular Eurorack system, othertime including a bespoke Cocoquantus synthesizer, Giacomo presents a soundscape of his inner world laid bare.
'Music For Nothing' is a spectral ritual designed to purge, to return. It's a beautiful soundscape with a dark undertone, a shimmer with the occasional howl. In a world where reason has lost its meaning, even music fails to bring peace. But we will still try.


A1. iiiiii (There Is Not Much Space For Hope) 4:31

A2. {{{[[[((()))]]]}}} (Everyone Loves Sirens But These Are Awful) 5:43

A3. ii (Bouncing Balls) 3:31

A4. ~ (Whales sing under ice) 5:12

B5. ~ (The Pond) 20:09

May these sounds be your beacon.


February 23, 2024

On Limited Cassette and Digital

Giacomo Vanelli - Music for Nothing

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About the Artist

Giacomo Vanelli is an Italian musician and composer creating deeply melancholic ambient and experimental electronic music.

With the aim of enhancing sound research and creating a world far removed from classical composition, he chooses the modular synth as his main instrument. With its versatility, he manages to accurately define a very personal musical dimension guided by random modulation that is still very attentive to the melodic aspect.

The outcome is a deeply melancholic atmosphere that lingers between the two worlds, digital and the natural. While modular synthesizers are the primary instruments used, his passion for electronic instruments leads him to use samplers with samples of acoustic instruments, Field Recordings, Drum Machines and voices, to provide multiple layers of sound, sometimes obvious other times synthesised, modified and made unrecognisable.

As of 2024, his discography consists of:

  • Feeling in Public [2020, self-released]

  • Growing Wings on the Way Down [2020, 51Beats]

  • Music for Nothing [2024, okla records]

  • Bandcamp
  • Black Instagram Icon
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