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We are finally ready to unveil what is coming next to okla.

The Central European experimental scene has been going strong for several years now, supported tirelessly by fantastic labels and audiences, and we want to help grow it as well.

We are presenting two new works from local artists - a map-charting adventure through an AI soundscape, and a modular flow state meditation to the centre of creativity and passion.

The albums will be released on the 7th of June 2024.

Pre-orders start on the 3rd of May via our Bandcamp profile.

But what ARE the albums, you ask? Well...


Janek Krukowski - Latent

An idiosyncratic soundscape, curated by Man and performed by Machine.

The latter might excel at finding thin through-lines connecting resembling items but The Man gives it power by listening.

Together, we can explore the latent space.

Utilising cutting edge sound generation models and through patient listening, grouping, and cataloguing, Janek Krukowski persistently mines an emergent microcosm of free-flowing sound collages where rhythm is a distant entity. In this space, dimensions contract and collapse within a manifold of sonic landscapes as the listener is enveloped in a peculiar world of sonics.

‘Latent’ is a hymn to the Latent space, a phenomenon understood as an abstract, multidimensional collection of data combined through the similar characteristics of objects contained therein. Harnessing the latest in academic neural network processing and machine mimicry, Janek generated hours of sounds and then went back to the algorithmic audio-processing well to cut, mangle, transpose, and otherwise process them. Combined with the recordings made by LOM Geofon and Basicucho, they are rendered here as five shuffling soundscapes, familiar yet distinctly alien.

Presented with a simple naming convention, they are free from context or emotive suggestion, inviting the listener to make their own.


A1 I 2:31

A2 II 3:12

A3 III 3:42

A4 IV 2:42

B5 V 17:07

About the Artist

Janek Krukowski is a musician and drummer based in Prague, Czech Republic.

His music consists of studio recordings, samples and field recordings. He is focused on incorporating AI-generated

sounds, rhythms and soundscapes into his music.

Previously, he was a member of Kolega Doriana and Bete Noire.


okla says:

‘Latent’ is super interesting to us, a sound-collage carefully designed by an artist utilizing the latest in academic sound generation - an organized glimpse into a hallucinating machine, if you will. It’s not exactly easy listening but it rewards patient listening with a landscape like no other.



Wojtek Kiwer - Disconnect

Cut the umbilical cord of toxic mindlessness.

Glimpse into the higher knowledge of life.

Wojtek Kiwer disregards established notions of songwriting to DISCONNECT. Instead, he taps into the primordial creative currents. He becomes one with the waves of intuition as his extensive producing experience propels him forward during the joyful exploration of the unknown.

DISCONNECT results from a conscious decision to develop a new mode of creation. Unbound from the shackles of unattainable perfection and free of fear of failure - he focuses on the here and now. Mindful of each moment, he pours from the unlimited chalice of inspiration and obtains a glimpse into the higher knowledge of life. Captured once and never to be recalled again, these six swirling modular improvisations are precious opportunities for the listeners to find their way to cut the umbilical cord of toxic mindlessness. As they rumble around us, they conjure a magical make space for thoughts, memories, moods, and connotations.

The moment passes and we move on, filled with new energy, riding the wave of life.


A1 PRISM 8:56



B4 KOI 8:56

B5 DAY OFF 8:00

B6 ORCA 9:04

About the Artist

Wojtek Kiwer is a musician and promoter based in Kraków, Poland.

He creates sound installations, organizes sound walks and music workshops for children and adults, and authors soundtracks to theatre plays, audiobooks, exhibitions, and animated movies.

Currently, he is concentrating on exploring the live-set opportunities of modular synthesis.


okla says:

Kiwer’s latest is a glorious, almost-cinematic modular journey that feels like a breezy walk home at sundown for the mind (and soul). We keep hitting the play button again and again and we’re sure you will love this too.


Both albums will be released digitally and on pro-dubbed cassette via our Bandcamp profile. You can get them as a two-album batch as a special offer or, of course, individually. Additionally, we will also introduce a “Batch+” offer where, for an occasional price you will be able to get both albums plus one (chosen by you!) from Batch1.

I thiiiink that’s it? See you on Friday and tell a friend.

Thanks for your attention. We love you.



Thanks a lot for your support of our first batch of albums. As they say, if you love something - let it go, and for musicians this means feeding our works to the content-hungry mouths of CEO led streaming services.

The albums have now landed on most major services* and we hope they will spread their wings and reach new audiences. We would appreciate help with this, of course.

Tell a friend, wouldn’t you? We live and die by word of mouth.

*For whatever reason OA02 by Wound is not available on Apple Music, we are investigating.

You can find the streaming links and a quick update regarding the current cassette stock below. We have managed to do a quick re-press of Giacomo’s Music for Nothing so if you missed it the first time - don’t wait.

Adam Howse - Submarine 5 cassettes left

Wound - Plasticene 4 cassettes left

Giacomo Vanelli - Music for Nothing REPRESS ALERT


We are almost ready to unveil what comes next. Batch2 will consist of two albums from Central European artists which we are very proud to showcase. And, because you are a wise person and have subscribed to our newsletter, you will be one of the first to know.

PS. If you run a blog, a page, have a mix or a radio show and we weren’t in touch before - shoot us a mail please.

Thanks for your attention. We love you.


2/3s of okla celebrating (don't judge, I slept 2 hours)

Thanks to your great support during the past Bandcamp Friday, our promotional batch is now sold out. It really warms our hearts and we take your vote of confidence seriously.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

The cassettes are in production and we will be sharing their real-life likeness once we have’em in our hands. They will be shipped to you in the mode of the proverbial ASAP.

The sold-out batch is just a small(ish) portion of the whole cassette pool so don’t fret if you weren’t able to get it.

Individual pre-orders will start this Friday, the 9th of February.

You will also be able to hear one more track from each album and for those lucky so-and-so’s that got the batch - they will receive their digital downloads then.

For the whole thing! Wow!

(you can still get the digital batch, that's not going anywhere and you'll get the codes as well)

See you then.

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