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The physical batch offer is now sold-out, thank you for the support and votes of confidence! Individual cassette and digital purchases are now available for pre-order.


Adam Howse - Submarine

A murky entity of abstract, improvised sounds emitted by turntables, samplers, and effect pedals, collated into eight wonky, hermetic tracks.

Despite the darkness, Howse dreams to look beyond the constant night of fear, hoping for a new day. A light is always near, no matter how dim. Through the gloaming, we persist, hobbling close to each other, sharing the scarce warmth, hand in hand.


Wound - Plasticene

A mood piece for the overwhelming reality, sanding down the rough edges of days gone wrong.

'Plasticene' is an unassuming partner in the everyday. It is a mood piece for the overwhelming reality guiding the listeners' attention toward a muted emotional palette through soft, cascading bleeps and blops, everchanging loops of synthesizer trails, and tranquil field recordings.


Giacomo Vanelli - Music For Nothing

'Music For Nothing' is a personal dimension. A fuzzy chaos open to interpretation, swirling around the listener, far removed from the classical compositions but sitting confidently among the greats in the ambient pantheon.


Cryptic track names give way to soothing sonics, like an exorcism for those who feel lost and numb.

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