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Wound - Plasticene

The era of plastic. The ever flowing micro-pollutant, present everywhere. A silent witness to mankind's worst ideas.

Wound - Plasticene

Looking from the outside - in, at what some scientists call the era we live in - Plasticene.
Taking cues from the ambient originators, 'Plasticene' is an unassuming partner in the everyday. It is a mood piece for the overwhelming reality, sanding down the rough edges of days gone wrong. Guiding the listeners attention toward a muted emotional palette through soft, cascading bleeps and blops, everchanging loops of synthesizer trails, and tranquil field recordings.
Track titles focus on the absurd ideas of a world on the brink - raging against reason, chasing shareholder revenue at the cost of true, natural beauty of our worlds, those outer (even going as far as to poison our dreams of planetary exploration) and inner (where our internal lives are only a pretext for product consumption; our dopamine registers shot, eyes clouded).


A1. Breaking News 9:00 (New Horrors) 3:16

A2. Plasticene I 4:13

A3. Serfing on Mars 5:24

A4. Dome of Clouds 11:59

B5. Secret Lake Bed and Breakfast 2:56

B6. Tree Canopy (now in gel form) 4:27

B7. Noctalgia 5:49

B8. Plasticene II 5:16

B9. Preemptive Elegy for the Fifth Extinction 5:44

B10. Breaking News 22:00 (Old Terrors) 3:13

One can look at 'Plasticene' as a soundtrack for an imaginary documentary, to be produced years in the future when (hopefully) we get our shit together, of a period when everything seemed so bleak.


February 23, 2024

On Limited Cassette and Digital

Wound - Plasticene

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About the Artist

Wound, a stage name of Bartosz Szturgiewicz, has been on the outskirts of the ambient game since 2009. Hailing from Poland, split three ways between his home in the east, his heart in the south, and his life in the north, he is always searching for new modes of expression. Self-taught and retaining little, every project he starts is a new journey. His melting pot music incorporates various elements of ambient, drone and glitch, bringing together ordinary instruments like strings or piano with otherworldly electronic sounds he creates a soundtrack for the brief moments between unconsciousness and walking life.

Increasingly appreciating the little moments and the silence between them; light seeping through the canopy; and a good industrial clang in a distance.

As of 2024, his discography consists of:

  • Winter Ambient Works [2010, Assonance Records]

  • Winter Remix Works [2010, Terranean Recordings]

  • Collected [2011, self-released]

  • Kairo: Arranged Soundtrack [2012, self-released]

  • Oh Peter / Regn EP [2013, self-released]

  • The Dogs Bark [2014, Terranean Recordings, as part of 'Threshold Ensemble']

  • Five A.M. EP [2015, self-released]

  • Concrete / Wound [2015, Invisible City Records, split with Concrete / Field]

  • Man as a Prism [2017, self-released]

  • Clinomania [2017, re-released in 2022 on Wormhole World]

  • Metal Underbelly (Field Recordings from Krak​ó​w's bridges) [2018, self-released, as 'Bartosz Szturgiewicz']

  • Up in the Starry Ether [2018, self-released]

  • Mix 2019 [2020, self-released]

  • Flows [2020, self-released]

  • Concrete Wound 2 [2021, Still Heat Recordings, split with Concrete / Field]

  • Dim Light EP [2022, self-released]

  • I Have Walked Among The Truths [2022, Hard Return]

  • Plasticene [2024, okla records]

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