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Adam Howse - Submarine

“A journey through the surreal soundscapes of war-torn realities where discord and harmony collide, echoing the tumultuous past while envisioning a dissonant future.”

Adam Howse - Submarine

Adam Howse’s ‘Submarine’ is a murky entity of abstract, improvised sounds emitted by turntables, samplers, and effect pedals, collated into eight wonky, hermetic tracks.
Born of the threat of terror, the work channels deep dread, a torrent of existential malevolence lurking in the everyday interactions. It's an uneasy album that creates an atmosphere easy to loose oneself in, to drop down the static-filled blanket of audio drama, to swirl among the unruly sounds of the happenstance.
Winks and nods to the militaristic nature of the human world, the heavy machinery of destruction and mayhem. The piercing sirens in the night and the quivering lips of survivors.
Despite the darkness, Howse dreams to look beyond the constant night of fear, hoping for a new day. A light is always near, no matter how dim. Through the gloaming, we persist, hobbling close to each other, sharing the scarce warmth, hand in hand.
Reaching out throughout the murk, a human experience if we know any. Listen and feel.


A1. Night Watch 2:45

A2. Tuttle 2:00

A3. Emblem 4:52

A4. Desert Girl 5:53

B5. Beating Round the Bush 4:06

B6. Shark SS 174 7:10

B7. Xylop 3:34

B8. Scamp 3:15

“Let the cacophony of conflict and the symphony of resilience intertwine. Explore the uncharted realms of 'Sonic Frontlines'.”


February 23, 2024

On Limited Cassette and Digital

Adam Howse - Submarine

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About the Artist

Adam Howse is an experimental music artist, born in Jerusalem and currently based in Berlin.

He has been releasing and performing music as part of the underground scenes in both Jerusalem and Berlin since 2014. As a member of different projects (Adam Ben Nun, INRA), he has performed at various global events, including the Venice Art Biennale and Supynes Festival Lithuania; on respected radio stations like BBC and WFMU; and received positive reviews in music magazines such as Tiny MixTapes.

For his works, he uses old turntables, samplers and effect pedals to create abstract and mostly improvised pieces of music. Typically crackly & decaying loops, blurry instances of harmonic substance and chunks of blended noise.

As of 2024, his discography consists of:

  • Whirl [2022, self-released]

  • Submarine [2024, okla records]

  • Bandcamp
  • Black Instagram Icon
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