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Janek Krukowski - Latent

An idiosyncratic soundscape, curated by Man and performed by Machine.

Janek Krukowski - Latent

Utilising cutting edge sound generation models and through patient listening, grouping, and cataloguing, Janek Krukowski persistently mines an emergent microcosm of free-flowing sound collages where rhythm is a distant entity. In this space, dimensions contract and collapse within a manifold of sonic landscapes as the listener is enveloped in a peculiar world of sonics.

'Latent' is a hymn to the Latent space, a phenomenon understood as an abstract, multidimensional collection of data combined through the similar characteristics of objects contained therein. Harnessing the latest in academic neural network processing and machine mimicry, Janek generated hours of sounds and then went back to the algorithmic audio-processing well to cut, mangle, transpose, and otherwise process them. Combined with the recordings made by LOM Geofon and Basicucho, they are rendered here as five shuffling soundscapes, familiar yet distinctly alien. Presented with a simple naming convention, they are free from context or emotive suggestion, inviting the listener to make their own.

Mix: Janek Krukowski
Master: LANDR
Tools: AudioLDM 2, AudioSR, Audiocraft, RAVEv2, Neutone, LOM Geofon & Basicucho


A1. I 2:31

A2. II 3:12

A3. III 3:42

A4. IV 2:42

B5. V 17:07

The Machine might excel at finding thin through-lines connecting resembling items but The Man gives it power by listening. Together, we can explore the latent space.


June 7, 2024

On Limited Cassette and Digital

Janek Krukowski - Latent

Soon streaming via:

About the Artist

Janek Krukowski is a musician and drummer based in Prague, CZ. His music consists of studio recordings, samples and field recordings. He is focused on incorporating AI-generated sounds, rhythms and soundscapes into his music. Previously he was a member of Kolega Doriana and Bete Noire.

As of 2024, his discography consists of:

  • Drummer on Bete Noire — “Art Brut” [2007, Noise Annoys]

  • Drummer on Kolega Doriana — “Kolega Doriana” [2015, BDTA]

  • Pieces [2020, self-released]

  • Natural [2021, self-released]

  • Latent [2024, okla records]

Find him at:

  • Bandcamp
  • Black Instagram Icon
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