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Wojtek Kiwer - Disconnect

Cut the umbilical cord of toxic mindlessness.

Wojtek Kiwer - Disconnect

Wojtek Kiwer disregards established notions of songwriting to DISCONNECT. Instead, he taps into the primordial creative currents. He becomes one with the waves of intuition as his extensive producing experience propels him forward during the joyful exploration of the unknown.
DISCONNECT results from a conscious decision to develop a new mode of creation. Unbound from the shackles of unattainable perfection and free of fear of failure - he focuses on the here and now. Mindful of each moment, he pours from the unlimited chalice of inspiration and obtains a glimpse into the higher knowledge of life.
Captured once and never to be recalled again, these six swirling modular improvisations are precious opportunities for the listeners to find their way to cut the umbilical cord of toxic mindlessness. As they rumble around us, they conjure a magical make space for thoughts, memories, moods, and connotations. The moment passes and we move on, filled with new energy, riding the wave of life.


A1. PRISM 8:56



B4. KOI 8:56

B5. DAY OFF 8:00

B6. ORCA 9:04

Glimpse into the higher knowledge of life.


June 7, 2024

On Limited Cassette and Digital

Wojtek Kiwer - Disconnect

Soon streaming via:

About the Artist

Wojtek Kiwer is a musician and promoter based in Kraków, Poland. He creates sound installations, organizes sound walks and music workshops for children and adults, and authors soundtracks to theatre plays, audiobooks, exhibitions, and animated movies. Currently, he is concentrating on exploring the live-set opportunities of modular synthesis.

As of 2024, his discography consists of:

  • Miasto, kt​ó​rego nie by​ł​o [2021, Szara Reneta]

  • Past perfect not continous [2022, Nawia]

  • Disconnect [2024, okla records]

Other works:

  • Sound walk and live-set celebrating the 40th anniversary of Cricoteka

  • Soundtrack for "Tens" theatre play

  • Soundtrack for "Świństwo" theatre play, dir. B. Peszek

  • Soundtrack for "Hamlet" theatre play, dir. B. Peszek

  • Co-created the soundtrack for "Trąbka do Słuchania" theatre play, dir A. Glińska

  • Co-created the soundtrack for "Powrót do Gwiazd" audiobook, dir. W. Razniak

  • Soundtrack for "Vitae Azilia" animated movie

Find him at:

  • Bandcamp
  • Black Instagram Icon
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