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That went well

2/3s of okla celebrating (don't judge, I slept 2 hours)

Thanks to your great support during the past Bandcamp Friday, our promotional batch is now sold out. It really warms our hearts and we take your vote of confidence seriously.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

The cassettes are in production and we will be sharing their real-life likeness once we have’em in our hands. They will be shipped to you in the mode of the proverbial ASAP.

The sold-out batch is just a small(ish) portion of the whole cassette pool so don’t fret if you weren’t able to get it.

Individual pre-orders will start this Friday, the 9th of February.

You will also be able to hear one more track from each album and for those lucky so-and-so’s that got the batch - they will receive their digital downloads then.

For the whole thing! Wow!

(you can still get the digital batch, that's not going anywhere and you'll get the codes as well)

See you then.

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