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Batch1 albums now on streaming services... and beyond


Thanks a lot for your support of our first batch of albums. As they say, if you love something - let it go, and for musicians this means feeding our works to the content-hungry mouths of CEO led streaming services.

The albums have now landed on most major services* and we hope they will spread their wings and reach new audiences. We would appreciate help with this, of course.

Tell a friend, wouldn’t you? We live and die by word of mouth.

*For whatever reason OA02 by Wound is not available on Apple Music, we are investigating.

You can find the streaming links and a quick update regarding the current cassette stock below. We have managed to do a quick re-press of Giacomo’s Music for Nothing so if you missed it the first time - don’t wait.

Adam Howse - Submarine 5 cassettes left

Wound - Plasticene 4 cassettes left

Giacomo Vanelli - Music for Nothing REPRESS ALERT


We are almost ready to unveil what comes next. Batch2 will consist of two albums from Central European artists which we are very proud to showcase. And, because you are a wise person and have subscribed to our newsletter, you will be one of the first to know.

PS. If you run a blog, a page, have a mix or a radio show and we weren’t in touch before - shoot us a mail please.

Thanks for your attention. We love you.


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